Skin Blemish Removal

We perform Advanced Cosmetic Procedure (ACP) treatments using Electrolysis to quickly, easily, and painlessly treat a wide variety of skin blemishes, with effective and often instantaneous results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin. We are therefore able to care and support you in a practical sense by removing any unsightly blemishes that may have affected your confidence and wellbeing.

These include:

Facial Thread Veins – red veins caused by aging, pregnancy, spectacles, smoking, and harsh weather exposure etc.

Blood Spots – bright red blemishes that lie just below the skin surface. These are generally more common in men than women.

Spider Naevus – central dilated blood vessels with radiating capillaries like the legs of a spider, often found on facial areas such as the cheeks.

Skin Tags – very common and most frequently found in areas of friction such as on and around the neck, with sizes varying from tiny to the size of a large pea.

Milia – tiny white hard lumps containing keratin. Their exact cause is unknown but they are often associated with acidic dry skin.

Warts – all of the various types (plane, common, seborrhoeic, verrucas) can be easily and successfully treated by ACP.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra – smooth dark papules that develop in adolescence on black skin, mainly on the cheeks, neck and upper chest.

Moles – hairs from moles can be treated once a GP’s written agreement has been obtained. Repeat treatments are required.

Treatments start from £40.
Consultation will be required to determine costs and treatment plan.
Please call us on 01302 700099