Medical Skin Peels

Our range of skin peels use chemical solutions or Natual acid solutions in order to improve the skin appearance. Solutions are applied to the damaged skin in order to cause the layers to peel away and reveal younger, healthier layers beneath. Once the dead layer is completely gone, the new skin heals and provides a healthy and glowing appearance.It can reduce or eliminate fine lines, correct uneven skin pigmentation, treat acne and soften the appearance of scars caused by acne. The procedures can also dislodge dry, flaky cells, unblock pores, clear up skin debris and reduce the appearance of skin blemishes common with women and men of all ages.

Skin peels can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs. Appointment time 20 mins. Most patients can return to work the same day after our range of peels. Our medical peels are very effective but are not the deep ones as seen on TV makeover shows where the skin heavily peels or sheds.Depending on the condition of your skin, not everybody will experience the same degree of “peeling”, with the mid-grade peels peeling may start on day three and usually subsides by day 7. Daily activities are not usually affected. Peeling can be managed by applying a good moisturiser.The Light, low grade peels are superficial Glycolic peels, a natural fruit acid. Most do not see any obvious peeling with these, they penetrate only the surface layers of the skin, enough to provide the patient will a lovely refreshed, thoroughly cleaned, new glow.

Courses are needed to improve particular conditions listed above


per peel
course of 4 *
Strong, Mid grade peels:
TCA Peel
Easy Phytic Resurfacer
Light, Low grade peels:
Glycolic Peel
Neostrata 20%

Skin peel, before and after