Skin Re-Hydration

Enhanced Skin Hydration and Elasticity with Juvéderm® HYDRATE

Ever notice how young skin has that special glow? Skin that is firm and smooth is skin that is fully hydrated, and that’s exactly how Juvéderm® HYDRATE works—it improves your skin’s hydration and gives you the refreshed appearance you desire. Juvéderm® HYDRATE delivers the deep hydration that time and exposure to the elements have taken from your skin.

Over the years, skin may dry out as its natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminish due to age, smoking, sun exposure, and environmental factors. This is most noticeable in areas that are more exposed to the elements, such as the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

Hydration is fundamental to healthy skin tone and elasticity, and maintaining a natural, healthy glow. Creams can only temporarily moisturise the skin at the surface, but Juvéderm® HYDRATE can provide the deep, lasting hydration that will give you a natural, healthy glow. Through a long-term approach to skin hydration treatment, you can have results that last.

Juvéderm® HYDRATE is so effective that 95% of patients were delighted with their results.


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