August 14 2014 – Medical Cosmetics – When is the Right Time?

You’ve probably heard countless times ‘you don’t need Botox’ or ‘ your skin looks just fine’ or even ‘don’t bother everyone gets older, just grow old gracefully’.  Well what if you simply don’t want to?

Make no mistake i-time are all about enhancing people’s looks naturally, giving you that boost aesthetically and physically but some people will protest no matter what.  The way we look is very personal to us and choosing  a little medical intervention to age slowly is just as much your right as it is someone else’s to age ‘naturally’.  Essentially that old turn of phrase ‘growing old gracefully’ is a matter of interpretation and while welcoming the grey hair, folds, wrinkles, age spots and saggy jowells with open arms is the right way for some, it just simply isn’t our style! So how do you decide when it’s time to try a little medical enhancement?

Well, we hate to be so diplomatic but ultimately the decision is yours but first consider the important steps to good skin and physical appearance before turning to any medical fixes.  The usual maintenance regimes that day time tv preaches at us are important and must not be ignored in the first instance.  Make sure you tick the boxes when it comes to a good skin care regime, feel-good foods and a healthy balance of sun exposure and protection.  When you’re routine is just as it should be with each of these and you feel like you could still benefit from a little Botox, volumising filler, refreshing peel or a little skin lift then start looking sooner rather than later. The truth is there is no specific age when such treatments are and are not suitable.  Different people with different muscles, weight, skin types and lifestyles all have those little bugbears they’d like to fix and some develop them earlier or later than others.

Seeking medical enhancement is nothing to be ashamed of but finding a good practitioner is essential. Check out our ‘Good Practice Guide’ for tips on how best to find the right clinic for you.  Make sure it’s someone with suitable qualifications you can trust.  i-time prides itself on its honesty and patient care.  We will never advise you of a treatment we feel is unnecessary or won’t achieve the effects you desire but we will listen to your needs and advise you of the best course of action for you.