Good Practice Guide

Choosing the right practitioner

 This guide gives you a helping hand in choosing your practitioner and what to look for.

  Research !

Finding a good practitioner is not the same as finding a new nail salon. Botox and fillers are a great way of enhancing your looks and delaying the ageing process but they are classed as medical devices and drugs with effects that often last up to six months.  Don’t choose a practitioner rashly, do your research by asking your friends, browse the internet to find out more about the procedure you’re looking at and the practitioner you want.  Weigh up the advantages and risks carefully but don’t be intimidated by tabloid style scare stories.

Ask, Ask, Ask !

Any worthwhile practitioner will provide new patients with a free consultation, this is your opportunity to ask any questions you wish.  Consider asking about their medical background and training, enquire about the effects of your treatment and any risks.  Most good practitioners will be able to answer these questions freely and with ease.

Keep in control

The decision to have a treatment is yours alone.  Most practitioners will believe fully in their technique and the products they use but you are not obligated to undertake a treatment if you feel it isn’t right for you.  Think carefully about who is conducting your treatment and if their qualifications are suitable for the procedure, would you usually allow your hairdresser or nail technician inject you?